Ryuutama Travel Encounters

Diversions (d12):

    1. A wishing well with a dragon statue on top
    2. A viewing point with a breathtaking vista of the scenery
    3. Some hot springs
    4. An abandoned, overgrown cottage
    5. A well-maintained shrine to a local deity or spirit
    6. An abandoned shrine to a forgotten deity
    7. A slow, shallow part of the nearby river or stream where you can bathe or wash things
    8. A good fishing spot
    9. A local farm or ranch with food to sell
    10. A dragon statue with a walking stick and bowls holding a few other travel items. You can take some or leave items for other travelers.
    11. Broken pillars that belonged to an ancient building
    12. An abandoned orchard. If you search it, you can find some ripe fruit (food) and some overripe fruit (alcohol).

Travelers En Route (d12):

    1. A merchant who specializes in fine foods. You can buy delicious food from them to eat today, as if you were in town.
    2. A weather forecaster. You can get a forecast from them.
    3. A courier who can take messages
    4. An itinerant priest(ess). You can ask for a blessing or advice. They appreciate donations.
    5. A storyteller who will trade a tale for a tale.
    6. A mapper. They’ll share part of their map with you and will be happy to see yours.
    7. They tell you about a business opportunity (e.g. shortage or surplus) in a nearby town
    8. Someone else on Journey. They offer to trade souvenirs with you (trade Specialty Goods of the same size for each other)
    9. A rancher driving a herd of pack or riding animals to sell. You can buy one from them for 10% cheaper than normal.
    10. An artisan. If they have the same type of item, they will trade you a new one for a broken one plus the repair cost. They also sell repair kits.
    11. They’re carrying a grandfather clock to the next town. They’re worried about rain and will buy an umbrella if you have one.
    12. They’re transporting a lot of stuffed animals in a variety of sizes. They can sell you one now, or you can commission one to pick up the next time you meet.

Stopped Travelers:

    1. They’re taking a break (see Travelers En Route)
    2. The straps on their sandals or backpack broke and they’re trying to fix them. Maybe you can help?
    3. They twisted an ankle and need help getting to the next town
    4. They’re lost and trying to figure out how to get to [different town]
    5. Their pack animal got stuck in some mud
    6. A performer or troupe of performers, rehearsing
    7. An artist painting the scenery
    8. A farmer whose wagon wheel broke or came off
    9. A hunter checking their traps
    10. A healer tending to another traveller
    11. A noble in a carriage taking a break. If you can entertain them, they’ll let you ride with them to the next town.
    12. A dowser looking for water to build a well

Ryuutama Town Generation Tables

If you’re stumped during town generation, you can use these handy tables! With inspiration from Courtney Campbell’s awesome Treasure supplement. Add in Doug Anderson’s Fantasy Market and Vendor Generator to round it out.

A supplement entry for the 200 Word RPG Contest.

1-3: Village
4-7: Town
8-9: City
10: Large City

Ruling System: 1d10, -1 for Village, +1 for Normal/Large City
0: As Needed
1-2: Eldest
3-4: Elected Head
5-6: Elected Council
7: Lottery
8-9: Hereditary Council
10-11: Hereditary Head

Ruler Personality: 1d10
– Resistant to Change
– Secretive
– Cynical
– Lazy
– Inexperienced
– Crude
– Forgetful
– Generous
– Meticulous
– Idealistic

Environment: d8
– Forest
– Valley
– Coast
– Cliff
– Wasteland
– Plains
– Trees
– Hills

Building: 1d6, +1 for Normal/Large City
– Bridge
– Market
– Shrine
– Specialty Production
– Civic Center
– Monument
– Castle

Specialty Goods: 1d10, +2 for Town, +5 for City, +8 for Large City
1: Cotton, Wool, Flax
2: Grain, Vegetables, Staples
3: Raw Metal
4: Lumber
5: Wine, Ale, Liquor
6: Furs, Hides, Cloth
7: Livestock, Pets
8: Leather Goods
9: Wooden Goods
10: Housewares
11: Herbs, Salt, Spices, Sugar
12: Clothing, Armor, Weapons
13: Exotic Fruits
14: Painting, Sculpture
15: Jewelry
16: Perfumes, Potions
17: Scrolls, Books
18: Magical Items

Sights: 1d6
– Greenery
– Festive colors
– Drab buildings
– Gleaming buildings
– Organic shapes
– Geometric designs

Sounds: 1d6
– Running water
– Birds
– Market hawkers
– Clanging metal
– Children
– Livestock

Smells: 1d6
– Animals
– Cookfires
– Forest
– Water
– Specialty Good
– Waste

Threats: 1d10
– Famine
– Drought
– Monsters
– Natural disaster
– Bandits
– Plague
– Unfair treatment
– Missing people
– Vermin
– Isolated